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Oaxaca City

 The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca is an enchanting mix of world-class beaches, Unesco-listed wonders and delicious cuisine.

City Tour & Santo Domingo Museum

Closed on Monday.

Oaxaca is a UNESCO World Heritage City built in the middle of Sierra del Sur Mountains, rich in art and crafts: you can acquire the famous black mud ceramic and jewelry, colorful looms or the replicas of Mixteca and Zapoteca jewels. You will find the Cathedral, constructed by the Dominican monks in the 16th century, around the main plaza. Visit also the Church of Santo Domingo that was part of a convent, now transformed into one of the best museums of colonial and pre-Columbian art, which houses valuable objects from Monte Alban archeological site.

 Visit also the former convent of Santa Catalina de Siena and the incredible market, one of the most typical in the region, daily hundreds of people get together to offer their particular products. This tradition goes back to the pre-Hispanic times. End the tour by returning to your hotel.


Start: 10:00

End: 13:00

Duration: 3 hours Approx.

Not operating: Monday


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