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Mitla & Tule Tree

Natural and cultural wonders of Oaxaca


Mitla, Tule Tree & Tlacolula Sunday Indigenous Market


This morning is dedicated to the visit of Mitla, and on the way back, visit an exceptional indigenous local market that organizes only on Sunday. You will be able to check local traditions and particular food and practice barter and trade-off, as well as the color of their dresses.


Under request

Start: 10:00

 Duration: 4.30 hours Approx.

Operates: Sundays

Tule Tree, Teotitlán del Valle Rug Town, Mitla, Hierve el Agua, Mezcal Factory

Full day tour to the Tule Tree, continue to Teotitlán del Valle, to see traditional and high-quality rugs and blankets with special geometric and indigenous designs using organic and mineral dyes. The next stop will be at Hierve el Agua, a spectacular view of stone mineral waterfalls. On our way back, we´ll stop at a distillery to learn about the production of mezcal, an artisan type of tequila, to enjoy a well-deserved drink.


Start: 10:00

Duration: 9 hours Approx.

Operates: Daily

Mitla / Tule Tree

(48 km. approx. 3.15 hrs drive) Departure to Tule Tree (14-kilometer drive). 

This tree is the oldest and biggest sauce ahuehuete tree in the world. It is 40 meters tall and has 42 meters circumference and an estimated age of 2000 years. Continue towards Mitla (about 38 km. 45-minute drive). 

The name Mitla comes from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec, and Mictlan, “place of the dead.” The Zapoteca name for this place was Lyobáa, which means “place of rest.” This archaeological site was the meeting point of the schools of thought among the Mixteca and Zapoteca. The most outstanding of the archaeological site of Mitla is the Church Group (El Grupo de la Iglesia), and the Columns Group (El grupo de las columnas). You’ll see the signature decorative element of Mitla, the frets, which consist of carefully cut and assembled stones that create repeating geometric patterns. After this visit, return to the hotel.


Start: 10:00

Duration: 4 hours Approx.

Operates: Daily

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