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Graffiti tour, bike  & painting performance

A complete expirience, walk, ride a bike, visit a gallery and make your own art

Get to know Coyoacan, this is a small cozy colonial town in the middle of the big city, with real colonial architecture and the freedom to move at your own pace. This self-guided audio tour offers a narrated audio guide, which follows the map of your tour. This audio tour will take you on an informative journey through the center of Coyoacan, seeing historical sites, markets, canteens, snack bars, restaurants and of course its cafes. listening the different stories from Coyoacan. At the end of the tour you will meet a Cheff to have another great experience preparing your own Mexican taco and margarita…  Salud !!

Activities details

Your day begins in the heart of Coyoacan, in Los Coyotes Fountain, where you will be equipped with an Mp4 player and headphones this is where your adventure will start. In this circuit of the Conchita Neighborhood, you will make a trip through history, where you'll get to know just a piece of the life of one of the most famous Mexico individuals, The Spanish Conqueror. Historians say Conchita's District it's the place where the conqueror Hernán Cortés settled its compound, from where he directed the Conquest of the great Tenochtitlan and the construction of The New Spain.

After finishing your tour, pass by La Casita de Coyoacan where a chef house kitchen will teach you how to prepare typical Mexican food, such as a tasty quesadilla, sope, gordita and tacos, after this class you will be able to difference between taco, tostada, tlacoyo and quesadillas, also you will learn the bases to prepare a great salsa in Molcajete and the classic lemon or tamarindo margaritas!

Optional. you can choose to experiment pre-Hispanic Mexican kitchen with very authentic and original products such as: chapulines (grasshopper), escamoles mexican caviar, acociles; river shrim, maguey worms and chimicules.

This ingredients: (type of product will be available according to the season)

Do not miss this great experience, have fun and then you get delicious food as a reward with a couples of Margaritas!!!

Min. 2 pax
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