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Puebla & Cholula

A solo 30 minutos de Cancun esta esta ciudad bien padres donde te la vas a pasar a todo dar con todos tus amigos y parientes y estarás a todo dar

1. City Tour with La Venta 

The most important touristic attraction is the Museo Parque la Venta. La Venta, as the archeological site, is located on a swampy island near the Gulf of Mexico. In the '50s, due to the construction of an oil refinery and an airport, big parts of the archeological site were destroyed and the most important pieces found were moved to La Venta Park Museum in Villahermosa. This open-air museum was created by the poet Carlos Pellicer Cámara in 1952; 36 megalithic stone structures have been transported from La Venta Archaeological site and erected in the park Villahermosa. The park museum is surrounded by a zoo, with animals, such as spider monkeys and jaguars. Another very nice place to visit is the Zafari Park Yumka

Price per person:

1-3 $100 USD

4-8 $76 USD


Start: 09:00am

End: 13:30

Duration: 4.30 hrs Approx.

Not operating on Monday


Some tours around Villahermosa


YUMKA Safari Zoo

One of the most famous and recommended sites to see is the Yumka Zoo, a place where the animals roam freely. This zoo is very different from others and promotes strongly the conservation of species and their ecosystems based on environmental education and interpretation. You will be able to see many types of animals from the jungle, the savanna, and the lagoons.

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