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About us

Caring and sharing our essence!

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Encuentro T, Congress & Tours,  is an Incoming Tour Operator and DMC founded 1998, located in Mexico City with representative partners offices in the most important touristic cities of Mexico such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, San Cristobal de las Casas Palenque and Chihuahua.

Our main clients are companies of tourism sector, in particular tour operators and wholesaler travel agencies located in Israel, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK and USA.

As professionals, we will exceed your expectation and make you look great, we offer our experience and passion for Mexico! 



To be a leading tour operator in promoting tourism that respects the environment, local communities, and their cultural environment, making its clients and collaborators aware of the importance of good tourism practices. To be a cutting-edge engine that makes this industry a productive, sustainable, and beneficial activity for human development and the planet.


To be a leading sustainable tour operator in its field, which promotes good tourism practices to reduce tourism's negative impact on nature, the environment, and society in general.


We are a company committed to its team of young, enthusiastic, positive people with the firm conviction that sustainable tourism, friendly to nature and the environment, can be developed through actions that face the significant challenges of the current tourism.

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