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Chihuahua-Mochis • Best Packages

5 Days / Private Services

Day 5

Walking tour in El fuerte Town. Transfer to Los Mochis airport or Topolobampo Ferry station.


• City Tour Chihuahua

• Rarámuri Cave, Cusarare Waterfall, Arareco Lake, Valle de

   los Hongos and Mision de San Ignacio.

Chepe Train operates different routes every day of the week, check travel dates.


Day 3

Land transfer to Barrancas del Cobre. Visit the National Park and transfer to hotel.

Day 4

Travel aboard the Chepe Expres train from Divisadero to El Fuerte. Transfer to hotel.

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Day 1

Arrival to Chihuahua city


Day 2

Land transfer to Creel including a visit to a Menonita family

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