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Sustainability Actions

Sustainable tourism aims to develop its activity while generating a minimal impact on the environment. The main key is that the exploitation of a resource is below its renewal limit. That is, it is about promoting tourism that is respectful of the ecosystem, with minimal impact on the environment and local culture. Furthermore, the economic aspect seeks to generate employment and income for the native population. Join the cause!

Sustainable Achievements

• Encuentro has joined the campaign created by the CONEXSTUR association “Zero-Plastik,” of which Encuentro T is a member. The company has generated the following actions:

1. Installation of drinking water filters UV light lamp and ozone generators, beneficial for health in the office.

2. Tour leaders and guides motivate travelers to take recyclable bottles to avoid purchasing plastic water bottles.


• Reduction of prints: the majority of documents are digital


• Business cards are digital.


• No more advertising promotion is printed on paper. Only the one we have to finish is used.


• We agreed with boutique hotels to collect blank spaces to deliver to communities in Oaxaca for reuse.


• None of our tours operate or sell tours where animal abuse or use occurs.


• Special interest for our guides or TL, in providing adequate information to travelers to understand and comply with local traditions in indigenous communities, learn from their culture, and promote support for local economies, the purchase of crafts, or local experiences.


• Our team is encouraged to use sustainable transportation to travel to the workplace.

Protecting the environment and minimizing our impact while traveling is a shared responsibility. That's why we are excited to introduce our program dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions. We ensure that all our accommodations and transportation options adhere to strict environmental responsibility standards.

And how can I help?

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