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Puebla & Cholula

A solo 30 minutos de Cancun esta esta ciudad bien padres donde te la vas a pasar a todo dar con todos tus amigos y parientes y estarás a todo dar

1. Cacao Route

(Villahermosa To Comalcalco 56km)


We begin the tour visiting an ancient Maya city nestled in Tabasco's low jungle "the area Comalcalco archaeological site," the only city built with baked clay bricks. The pre-Hispanic settlement constituted an essential commercial enclave in the Chontalpa region, it was a transit zone between the Gulf Coast and the Yucatan peninsula, seeking connections with Central America.

Later, we will visit a cocoa farm located in the Municipality of Comalcalco; here, you will know the real history and elaboration of the chocolate and the tree plantations that give life to this seed.

Your guide will take you on a fabulous journey through centuries in which cocoa was an essential part of the lives of the Olmecs and Maya and how they turn it into chocolate later. The European transformed the cacao into a luxury and delicious product until it became a multi-million dollar business. Back to the hotel. End of service!

Price per person:

1-3 $107 USD

4-8 $88 USD

Start: 08:00am    End: 17:30

Duration: 9.30 hrs Approx.

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