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Puebla & Cholula

A solo 30 minutos de Cancun esta esta ciudad bien padres donde te la vas a pasar a todo dar con todos tus amigos y parientes y estarás a todo dar

1.  Biosphere Reserve Pantanos de Centla

Villahermosa to Pantanos de Centla 114km 1.40 Hours)


Begin this tour by visiting the Centla Swamps Biosphere, a protected natural area with more than 300,000 hectares. We will navigate through the waters of the Usumacinta River and enter the stream known as Tabasquillo, through which we can enter the mangroves. We will observe animals such as birds, crocodiles, turtles, monkeys, among others, during the tour. And enjoy the diverse variety of flora that this beautiful site offers.

Continue to Uyotot-Ja Interpretation Center (Water House) * this site seeks to sensitize the visitor about caring for the environment, plants, and animals in danger of extinction, as well as being an ideal place for activities that integrate knowledge and observation of flora and fauna of this important region from the country.


 At the end of the tour, reach a pile-dwelling where you can taste typical local food (Not included) and enjoy the Usumacinta, Grijalva, and San Pedro rivers' confluence; you will get a fantastic view, better known as "Three Arms." Back to the hotel. End of the tour!

Price per person:

2-3 $123 USD

4-8 $111 USD

Start: 09:00am    End: 15:30

Duration: 6.30 hours Approx.

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