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Mayan City


1. Dzibilchaltun - Uaymintun & Progreso

(20 km / approx. 25 min)

The name “Dzibilchaltun” means “writing on flat stones”. This eco-archaeological park is located 15 kms north of Merida. It´s Maya culture museum features beautiful examples of stone carvings and ceramics from both pre-hispanic times and the colonial period. Archaeologically it is considered one of the most important civic and religious centers in the Maya world. During the spring equinox, the sun rises precisely through the doorway of the Temple of The Seven Dolls, perfectly illustrating the sophistication of Maya society regarding both mathematics and astronomy. Progreso is a charming and busy beach town located 20 kms north. It´s an important and impressive commercial harbor 7.5 km large, this also offers a picturesque place to relax and sunbathe. The village of Uaymintun, just a few km. from Progreso, is a wonderful spot for a bird watching experience.

Start: 9:00

Duration: 7 hrs Approx.

Operates: Daily

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