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Fall in love with Mexico in more than 50 attractions surrounded by jungle, underground rivers, and the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy typical Mexican dances, Pre-Hispanic archaeological vestiges, and the Xcaret México Espectacular presentation.

1. Xcaret, no lunch included

(74 km south Cancun Airport)

(6 km south Playa del Carmen)

Eco Park opens its doors 365 days a year,

open from 8:30 to 21 hrs.

This park offers 1st quality attractions for everybody. This park started in 1984, when the owners discover the uncovering ancient Maya cenotes, sinkholes formed by cave ceilings that collapsed after 3 million years of underground rivers erosion. Awed by this magnificent sight representative of the Xcaret Maya region, they felt that so much beauty should not be accessible only to a privileged few, but should be available for the people of Mexico and the world to enjoy. The main attraction is the undercover river where is possible to swim or snorkel. 

Other animal attractions you will find: marine turtles, manatee, flamingos, monkeys and jaguars, a butterfly pavilion, orchid’s greenhouse, bat cave and tapir´s territory. And do not miss afternoon main attraction: Spectacular Xcaret Night Show, included in the entrance ticket

Other attraction not included: Dive, scuba, snub reef, or Temazcal.

Price per person from Cancun $139.99 USD

Price per person from Playa del Carmen $129 USD

Start: 09:00

Duration: 12.30 hours Approx.

2. Xcaret Plus, with lunch

(130 km south Cancun - Tulum)

Have extras services such as: 1 Buffet meal with lemonade and coffee, some soft drinks or 1 beer, or 2 potatoes chips, full snorkel gear, towel and locker, and 10% off on a water activity, snorkeling tour, snub reef, scuba family or Temazcal.


Price per person from Cancun  from $179.99 USD

Price per person from Playa del Carmen from $169.99 USD

3. Xcaret with night show. With lunch during the day and dinner during the show

Under request


Start: 09:00

Duration: 12.30 hours Approx.

Price per person from Cancun  from $119.99 USD

Price per person from Playa del Carmen from $109.99 USD

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